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At StarQuest, we offer a variety of development solutions including leadership and management programs, 360 degree feedback assessments, training workshops, simulations, and one-on-one coaching. Our solutions are engaging, experiential, and challenging; and are tailored for each organization based on their specific development objectives.


Develop Your Leaders

We help our clients increase the effectiveness of their leaders and teams. We take a business approach to developing managers and leaders, engaging teams, and achieving results. Our goal is to help our clients stay ahead of the changing demands placed on leaders today.

At StarQuest, we offer a variety of sales development solutions that include sales strategy consulting, training programs and simulations, and sales management workshops and coaching. Our clients accelerate their sales success by adopting our proven sales methodologies, processes, and tools.


Optimize Sales Performance

We help our clients achieve their sales objectives by increasing the capabilities of their sales teams. We believe that having the right skills, the right tools, and right playbook defines the difference between average and top level sales performance.

Today even the best, most seasoned pros need help seeing the forest from the trees. And that is where coaching can make a huge difference in helping leaders navigate the challenging aspects of the contemporary work environment.


Scale Leadership with Executive Coaching

We help mid-level and senior leaders tap into their full potential and achieve greater results. Our engagements includes understanding each leader's performance objectives, leveraging the power of 360 degree assessments for insight, and implementing development plans.

Leadership Development

We can all agree that the effectiveness of leadership (both individual and team) is a primary contributor to business performance and success. Multiple studies have consistently validated the fact that extraordinary leaders outperform their average counterparts every single time; and yet, leadership development is often missing from the list of strategic priorities within organizations.


Given this reality, we remain committed to elevating the importance of leadership development within organizations because leadership effectiveness does matter, and in most situations it matters greatly.


Following outlines the competency areas that we address through our consulting, leadership development programs, and executive coaching engagements:


  • Aligning strategies with the vision, mission and values
  • Translating strategy into actions
  • Executing on organizational change
  • Engaging and inspiring people
  • Leading high performing teams
  • Implementing performance management processes
  • Increasing effectiveness of managerial conversations
  • Conducting tough conversations
  • Delivering effective feedback
  • Coaching for development

We offer several leadership development programs depending on the target audience. Several of our workshops are listed as follows:

  • Leading in a Changing World (1 day)
  • Championing Change (1 day)
  • Creating High Performing Teams (1 day)
  • Management Conversations: Feedback and Coaching Skills (1 day)
  • Presentation Skills for Managers (1 day)


For more information on our various development and training solutions, contact us directly at 800.462.7865 x.101.

Sales Development

Our approach to sales development includes strategy consulting, individual and team assessments, sales training and sales leadership and management development.


Following outlines sales effectiveness skills that are addressed with our sales development programs:


  • Clarifying your target markets and prospect profiles
  • Implementing lead generation systems
  • Prospecting strategies and tactics
  • Optimizing the effectiveness of client interactions
  • Managing and growing key accounts
  • Identifying new opportunities
  • Managing opportunities through the buying process
  • Coaching and developing your sales teams
  • Implementing sales enablement tools, including CRM


We offer a sales development series to address the above competencies. The course offerings are as follows:



Contact us for more information on how we can take your sales organization to the next level.

Executive and Team Coaching

Coaching, once viewed as a tool for addressing performance issues, is used today to engage, grow and develop leaders at different levels within an organization. Our executive coaching solutions are essential for sales leaders desiring to achieve growth objectives, mid-level leaders preparing for their next assignment, and senior leaders and executives dealing with today’s complex business environments and issues.


Simply, we help leaders make high impact changes so they have the energy, strength and presence to feel and be their best. We use a coaching methodology that helps leaders:


  • Understand “who” they are
  • Clarify their strengths and development areas
  • Establish professional development goals that reflect both their individual goals and the organization’s goals
  • Improve interpersonal skills
  • Improve decision making skills
  • Overcome self-imposed limitations
  • Develop strategies to expand their influence
  • Balance work and life priorities


For more information about our executive coaching services, please contact Tom Athenour at

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