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“Decisive” by Chip Heath & Dan Heath

41Dma69iHnL._AC_US160_[1]Chip and Dan Heath, authors of Made to Stick and Switch, have a new book out this year that is practical, relevant and user friendly. Another home run by the Heath brothers! The cool thing about this book is it outlines a decision making process that can be used in a variety of situations – both personally and professionally. The four steps to better decision making include: 1) Widen your options; 2) Reality test your assumptions: 3) Attain distance before deciding; and 4) Prepare to be wrong.

The authors help us remember the steps by using the acronym, WRAP. And by the way, these steps are meant to be applied in sequential order. I’ve used this process numerous times, and it works well. But beware it does take practice (like anything) before it becomes second nature.

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